DEVIN JACOB ELI RUGG arrested for throwing a dog out of a vehicle and running him over

Updated: Jun 21

- Pennsylvania, USA -

On June 16, the animal rescue All But Furgotten posted on their Facebook page a few pictures of a beautiful dog and an appeal which reads in part: “Anyone recognize me or my brand new collar?? I was witnessed being thrown out of a vehicle..backed up over ..and left behind in Ruffsdale.”

According to TRIBLIVE, state police said they have arrested the individual responsible for such a SENSELESS and HEINOUS crime.

The subhuman is 19-year-old DEVIN JACOB ELI RUGG (pictured below).

A woman who witnessed the incident, which happened on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 15, called the police.

Trooper Troy Faulk reported in court documents that a woman witnessed the dog being abused along rural Rankin Road near Ruffs Dale in East Huntingdon”, reports TRIBLIVE.

The witness said she saw a yellow 2015 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck stop along the road, RUGG came out of the vehicle, screamed and got back into the vehicle.

According to the witness, once RUGG was back into the vehicle, he put it on drive, steered it to the right side and at that point she heard a “yelp”.

The truck then drove off.

When the witness went to the spot to investigate, she discovered a dog on the side of the road.

The furbaby, a male Pitbull, was critically injured and the witness said: “The pitbull was in distress and crying on the side of the road … blood was coming from all four of the dogs legs.”

The pooch was taken to New Stanton Veterinary Services where he was treated for multiple fractures to his pelvic area, bone bruises and numerous lacerations

After that, the furbaby was taken the rescue shelter All But Furgotten in North Huntingdon.

The beautiful Pitbull, named Russell, is recuperating at the shelter.

Court documents filed by Trooper Faulk state that one of the people who called in with a tip was a teenager who claimed to have witnessed the whole incident as he was in the truck with RUGG.

The teenager’s name has been kept confidential.

The teenager said that when he tried to stop RUGG from assaulting Russell, RUGG threatened him and said: “Get back in the truck or I’ll run you over, too.”

RUGG, of Scottdale, was arrested on two counts each of aggravated cruelty to animals causing serious bodily injury and cruelty to animals and a single count of terroristic threats.

After spending the night at Westmoreland County Prison, he was released on a $75,000 unsecured bond.

A petition has been created addressed to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Attorney John W. Peck, asking to put RUGG in prison.

A preliminary hearing for RUGG has been scheduled for June 30.

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