DEKEETRA S. RONE and GEORGE R. RONE charged after six Pitbulls found sick, neglected and scarred

- Florida, USA -

Following an investigation which began in March 2021, authorities arrested a DeLand couple on August 20, accused in an animal fighting operation.

WESH reports that animal control officers received an anonymous call about the wellbeing of dogs in the yard of a property on Second Avenue.

Responding officers discovered a total of six female Pitbulls.

Three of them were found chained to the ground with car axels commonly used to build strength.

The other three were found in separate wooden crates.

The furbabies were suffering from a variety of infections and had scarring on their faces and forelimbs.

Officers also found items of evidence that the innocent dogs were being used in dogfighting.

Authorities arrested 45-years-old DEKEETRA S. RONE and 48-years-old GEORGE R. RONE (both pictured below).

They were both charged with animal fighting/baiting.

GEORGE R. RONE was additionally charged with animal cruelty.

Online records show these subhumans were released the same day of their arrest.

I loathe those who use innocent animals for fights.

Those who participate in these despicable activities, both organizers and spectators, are heartless and soulless individuals who make bloody and dishonest money at the expense of precious lives!!!

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