Defenseless dog found in a mobile home park after being tortured

- Louisiana, USA -

Authorities are investigating an appalling case of animal cruelty .

A dog named Buddy was found in a mobile home park off Highway 11 in Slidell.

The furbaby was found with both his back legs amputated.

Buddy’s tail bone is exposed after dragging his body around in his own waste, and it will have to be amputated also.

Buddy is now in the care of the nonprofit organization Dante's Hope - Animal Rescue East.

An X-ray revealed the presence of two bullets, so the defenseless pup has also been shot twice.

He is on pain medication and antibiotics, he is thin and dehydrated.

Buddy has had a blood transfusion and as soon as he is strong enough, he will have to undergo surgery.

The nonprofit is hoping to provide Buddy with a wheelchair which will allow him to move around, and eventually find him a furever home.

No animal deserves to be tortured, abused, or neglected.

PLEASE, if you recognize Buddy, if you know who subjected this defenseless soul to this cruelty, come forward and contact the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office on (985) - 898 - 2338.


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