Defenseless dog beaten nearly to death, dragged down the street, tied to a post and left to die

Updated: Mar 26

- Nevada, USA -

A small and defenseless dog has been beaten nearly to death, dragged up and down the street, tied to a pole bleeding and badly injured, and left to die as if his life did not matter.

A surveillance camera captured this sickening act on the night of January 27, in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

The sweet furbaby was thankfully found by a local family.

Vegas Pet Rescue Project VPRP wrote in a Facebook post that their volunteer Rachel received an urgent call from a friend about a dog who was being dragged, so she rushed to the scene to find a Chihuahua mix “in obvious pain, freezing cold, with no energy to move his body.”

Vegas Pet Rescue Project VPRP has named the furbaby Goliath.

The organization also wrote: “The cruel person who dragged him down the sidewalk and tied him to a pole also came back and ditched his crate next to him, with no intent or care to help their dying dog.”

It is believed that the male monster seen in the video torturing Goliath is his guardian.

The same individual dragging Goliath, is later captured walking back near Broadbent and Russel Road without the furbaby.

Goliath was rushed to VECC (Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care).

On January 28, Vegas Pet Rescue Project posted an update on Goliath and wrote: “Goliath’s little body has been severely traumatized. His abdomen is filled with urine and blood so there is a tear in his bladder or urethra caused by severe trauma. The doctors will need to put in drains to drain out the fluids tonight. Goliath cannot hold stable blood pressure and is severely dehydrated so they have him on supportive care for this. He also has severe bruising and his lungs are filled with air they might have to go in and release the air from his lungs but this again is caused by severe trauma. So he cannot properly oxygenate himself and has to be put in an oxygen tank tonight. His kidney and liver values are high and he also has low white blood cell this can all be caused by trauma. X-rays did not find any broken bones. It also appears that he has some brain trauma and is completely out of it. He also is not using his back legs where it is very very bruised.”

Lindsey Pinaphel with Vegas Pet Rescue Project has been fostering Goliath and on March 15, the organization wrote that “Goliath is ready to find his family.”

We couldn’t be happier that Goliath recovered but we must not forget that the monster who abused him is still out there!

Gina Greisen, president of Nevada Voters for Animals, told News 3: “This was a brutal beating of this animal, and I'm not even sure if Metro felony animal cruelty unit has had a chance to get out there because when I talked to the detective, he had 130 other cases he was working.”

When News 3 reached out to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, they were told that due to the pandemic, cuts to the animal cruelty section were made, and right now there's only one detective dedicated to working these investigations.

If you are interested in adopting Goliath, click here. Thank you!

Understandably, Vegas Pet Rescue Project said: “We will be very selective for this boy.”

Pictures have been shared from Nevada Voters for Animals and Vegas Pet Rescue Project VPRP.

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