DAVID R. PACKARD and his wife BETH MICKLE-PACKARD arrested for the death of their dog

- New York, USA -

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 72-year-old DAVID R. PACKARD and his wife, 68-year-old BETH MICKLE-PACKARD (both pictured), after an on-going investigation into the SENSELESS and CRUEL death of a dog.

The victim, a Border Collie named Duke, was discovered on April 20, on the side of Peasley Road in Berne.

He was emaciated and had two gunshot wounds to his head and left moribund.

HudsonValley360 reports that deputies rushed Duke to a local animal hospital but he was euthanized.

Sheriff Craig D. Apple Sr. said that it was determined that Duke had been abused before being shot.

According to the news release by the sheriff’s office, the investigation revealed that PACKARD was in possession of two illegal firearms at his residence, one of which was found inside his vehicle.

The evil couple were arrested on Wednesday, April 28.

PACKARD was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, failure to provide proper sustenance/ cruelty to animals, and criminal possession of a firearm.

MICKLE-PACKARD was charged with one count of failure to provide proper sustenance/cruelty to animals.

These human feces were arraigned in Town of Rensselaerville Court and released on their own recognizance.

They were ordered to surrender their Golden retriever puppy, and to cease any future ownership of animals.

The are scheduled to be back in court on May 24.

People who like to use guns should turn them on themselves!

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