DAVID MATA arrested after shooting neighbor’s dog

- Texas, Cameron County, USA -

On Tuesday, March 17, at approximately 08:25 p.m. Primera Police was dispatched to the 2300 block of Pacific Avenue about a person who had shot a dog.

Responding officer learned that 35-year-old DAVID MATA (pictured below), had shot his neighbor’s dog.

The Department wrote in their Facebook post that according to MATA: “He heard his dogs barking so he went outside to see why they were barking: that’s when he sees his neighbor’s dog come on to his property. Mata then went inside his home and grabbed his Assault Rifle. Mata then fired one round at the dog. The dog suffered a severe injury to his hind legs. Based on Mata’s actions he was placed under arrest and charged with Cruelty non-Livestock Animal- 3rd Degree Felony.”

The offender was arraigned by municipal Judge David Wise and given a $3,500 bond.

The dog’s guardian made the decision to euthanize his furbaby due to the severity of the injuries he sustained.


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