DAVID F. HOWERY arrested after more than 100 animals found living in horrible conditions

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

- Kentucky, USA -

UPDATE: June 2, 2021

After pleading guilty to multiple animal cruelty charges, a judge sentenced 62-year-old DAVID F. HOWERY (pictured below), to one year behind bars.

WPSD reports that once HOWERY is released, he has agreed not to have any animals for two years as a term of his probation.

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The McCracken County Sherriff’s Office said that on Wednesday, April 28, they received a tip from a law enforcement agency outside of Kentucky about a possible hoarding and animal abuse case.

The report alleged that 62-year-old DAVID F. HOWERY (pictured below), was hoarding a large number of animals and that he was neglecting them.

Detectives then learned that HOWERY had an outstanding bench warrant from a previous cruelty to animals conviction in Adair County, Kentucky.

Investigators along with animal control went to HOWERY’s residence on Broyles Avenue and arrested him pursuant to the warrant.

When officers talked to HOWERY they immediately observed that conditions were not habitable.

According to the news release by the sheriff’s office, approximately 100 animals were found on the property, including cats, 12 chickens, more than 70 dogs, 26 goats, horses, and pigs.

The sheriff’s office said: “Over forty dogs were inside multiple buildings in cages. None of the kennels inside the residence had food or water, and there was no electricity or ventilation inside the buildings. Animal feces and urine were left and covered by straw, creating an unsafe and dangerous condition.”

“Guardians of Rescue” responded during the evening hours and transported part of the animals to a qualified facility, under the direction of animal control and returned the following day to remove the remaining animals.

HOWERY was charged with twenty-five counts of cruelty to animals.

He was booked into the McCracken County Jail.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible as detectives investigate.

WPSD Local reports that all of the animals have been surrendered to McCracken County Animal Control.

James Houchins with “Guardians of Rescue” told KFVS12: “The dogs have been here so long they just have a defeated spirit. They’ve given up. They’ve given up hope, they’ve given up that they’re going to make it out of here.”

He also saw a positive change and added that they are happy now and want attention.

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