DAVID CHRISTOPHER CLEWIS arrested for shooting his dog

- North Carolina, USA -

37-year-old DAVID CHRISTOPHER CLEWIS (pictured below) was arrested on September 25, in relation to an incident that happened in August.

According to Columbus County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Michele Tatum, on August 24, an animal shelter on Legion Drive in Whiteville, picked up a dog who had a gunshot wound in the face and alerted the Sheriff’s Office.

In connection with this case CLEWIS was arrested and is now facing a felony animal cruelty charge.

CLEWIS, of 293 Garland Duncan Road in Nakina, admitted to shooting his furbaby after he accidentally ran over the dog.

Mr. Tatum said that the dog managed to run off afterwards but suffered a broken jawbone and lost an eye in the shooting.

The sources I have used for this story do not mention whether or not the furbaby survived the shooting and I have emailed Sheriff Jody Greene to have more information on this case.

I will add an update if I get a response.

CLEWIS was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond.


Mr. Michele Tatum kindly responded to my email and wrote: “Judging by the language used on the warrant and in the incident report, it states the dog was badly injured, so I assume the [that] he/she survived. The incident report does not mention the breed of the dog, the age, or the dog’s name. I suggest reaching out to the animal shelter that contacted us concerning the incident. I am sure they will have additional information that may help with your requests.”

I have contacted the animal shelter, but I have not heard back yet!

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