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DAVID A. HENDRIX arrested after nine dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions

- Tennessee, USA -

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the nonprofit Animal Rescue Corps rescued nine dogs from a property on Savely Drive in Hendersonville.

The organization aptly called the rescue “Operation Out of the Dark.”

The Hendersonville Police Department said in a news release that on August 3, 2022, the investigation of property maintenance code violations resulted in the initiation of an animal cruelty investigation conducted by the department’s detectives.

Detectives contacted Veterinarian Dr. Heather Schwartz, who along with a representative of Animal Rescue Corps, was able to respond and quickly assess the need for immediate intervention and treatment.

Detectives then executed a search warrant at the property and with the assistance of Dr. Schwartz, Animal Rescue Corps, and Hendersonville Animal Control, all nine dogs were rescued from the deplorable conditions they were found in.

In a Facebook post, Animal Rescue Corps said: “This was no place for the living. The homeowners moved out years ago -- but they left their dogs behind in this house that was more like a tomb. Windows sealed up. No lights. No air conditioning. Doors wedged shut from years of waste. Buckets of food and water were pushed in through a crack in the door, but it was years since a caring human stood in this house.”

ARC also said that in some areas in the house, feces was more than a foot deep and compacted with trash and bones of several dead dogs.

Part of the Facebook post said: “We had to shovel a path for the door to open enough to bring our tactical equipment and teams inside.

Inside, the remains of dead dogs are scattered throughout the home. Bones by where the buckets were pushed in through the crack in the door speak to a desperate fight for survival. There are mothers who have given birth recently, but no surviving puppies. The surviving dogs are gentle and terrified, blinking from the sudden light from our spotlights and in desperate need of medical, physical, and emotional care.”

Animal Rescue Corps mentioned Hawkeye, one of the dogs rescued from that hellish place and said that the furbaby lost his sight “likely from years of living in the potent ammonia fumes inside.”

Many of the dogs are suffering from “open wounds, dental disease, sores, corneal scarring, emaciation, dehydration, and more”, explained ARC.

Needless to say, that Animal Rescue Corps needs our help to help these VOICELESS VICTIMS.

The nonprofit is providing urgent medical, physical, and emotional care to the innocent souls but it’s not easy. If you can wish, and can afford to donate, please click here. Thank you!

As for the criminal aspect of this heartbreaking case, the Hendersonville Police Department arrested the homeowner, identified as 57-years-old DAVID A. HENDRIX (pictured).

On Thursday, August 4, 2022, HENDRIX was booked into the Sumner County Jail on nine counts of aggravated animal cruelty. He was released after posting bond.

HENDRIX’s General Sessions Court date has been set for August 24, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

WKRN reports that Tim Woodward, ARC’s Executive Director, said: “We are grateful that law enforcement reached out for assistance for these animals who desperately need medical care and attention. The level of suffering we witnessed here is some of the worst we’ve ever seen.”

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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