DANIEL WILLIAM MONTREL JR. arrested after puppies he was breeding were injured and left untreated

- Michigan, USA -

After multiple severely injured dogs were dropped off at a veterinary clinic over a span of months, authorities have arrested 60-year-old DANIEL WILLIAM MONTREL JR.

Bonnie Kanicki, director of the Saginaw County Animal Care & Control said: “We received a call from a veterinarians office about an individual who had a dog that was injured in a dog attack .”

That call came in June 2020 and was only the first of many.

According to Ms. Kanicki, “The individual at the vet’s office declined treatment and took the dog with him and that dog later died.”

A few months later, on December 9, MONTREL JR. took a Pitbull-Labrador mix puppy to Saginaw Animal Care & Control.

Ms. Kanicki said the puppy “had severe trauma to the left side of its body and bite wounds to its hind legs. The hind legs were nearly dismembered.”

MONTREL JR. claimed he had found the puppy walking down the street in this horrific condition.

Ms. Kanicki said those injuries were consistent with a dog attack.

MLIVE reports that after further questioning, MONTREL JR. eventually admitted the puppy was his and that something in his backyard attacked him a month earlier.

MONTREL JR. explained he had been using an ill-advised “home remedy” of pouring peroxide in the wounds and wrapping them in gauze.

That furbaby was then signed over to Saginaw County Animal Care & Control and received emergency surgery at Erwin’s Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles from Dr. Joseph Kline.

Almost a month later, on January 6, 2021, MONTREL JR. was back with another puppy who was badly injured.

Once again MONTREL JR. claimed that an animal in the backyard was responsible for attacking the puppy.

Ms. Kanicki said: “This one was injured worse than the first puppy. She was very bad. Both had their hind legs nearly torn from their bodies. They were full of bite wounds and flesh tear wounds. He had denied this dog veterinary care for so long the injuries were severely infected.”

MONTREL JR. signed this puppy over to Animal Control as well.

This furbaby like the other one received emergency care at Erwin’s Veterinary Clinic in St. Charles.

Ms. Kanicki said: “The vets saved these puppies’ lives” adding neither had to have their legs amputated.

At this point MONTREL JR. was asked by animal control staff to sign over any other animals in his care.

MONTREL JR. signed over a third puppy and an adult female.

Investigators believed he still had more, so on January 8, 2021, Buena Vista Township Police and animal control officers executed a search warrant on MONTREL JR.’s home.

Officers seized an adult female dog, an adult male dog, and four more puppies.

Ms. Kanicki said MONTREL JR. had been using the three adult dogs to breed puppies.

As for MONTREL JR.’s claim that the puppies had been attacked by an animal in the backyard, Ms. Kanicki said: “We could not verify his story of what may have attacked and tore up these puppies. We suspect it was possible the unneutered adult male may have caused the injuries. The injuries were consistent with a dog attack.”

On February 18, 2021, authorities issued a warrant for MONTREL JR. and on March 1, he was arraigned in Saginaw County District Court on one count of cruelty to ten or more animals.

The arraigning judge released MONTREL JR. on a $5,000 personal recognizance bond, a condition of which is that he does not possess animals.

Regarding all the furbabies involved in this case, Ms. Kanicki informed that the two adult female dogs have been adopted; the adult male’s adoption is pending; the two wounded puppies are rehabilitating in foster care, and the non-wounded puppies are at an animal rescue.

Ms. Kanicki reports that “They do still have severe problems. They have severe emotional scars right now. They whine, cry out, and shake in their sleep. They act in their sleep as though they were being attacked.”

MONTREL JR.’s next court date is pending.

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