DANIEL GEORGE TUCKER arrested for throwing a dog resulting in his death

- Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, USA -

31-year-old DANIEL GEORGE TUCKER (pictured below), is facing animal cruelty charges for killing a dog.

On Friday late evening, February 21, New Holland Police responded to a home on South Custer Avenue in New Holland to conduct a welfare check on the offender.

When officers knocked on the door no one opened but through the door window an officer saw a motionless Border Collie.

When officers eventually entered the residence, they discovered the pup was dead and TUCKER was upstairs sleeping.

When he was questioned about the incident, he admitted to throwing the defenseless dog because he bit him.

*So, according to your sick logic, you should be fatally thrown because you committed murder!*

The accused was taken into custody, arraigned and committed to Lancaster County Prison with bail set at $5,000 cash.


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