DAMARIO JORELL ZACHERY arrested after a dog was found in a cage without food and water

- Georgia, USA -

37-year-old DAMARIO JORELL ZACHERY (pictured below), was arrested on Friday, October 23, and charged with animal cruelty, reports The Griffin Daily News.

The Griffin Police Department say that Spalding County Animal Control received an anonymous report about a dog locked in a cage in the backyard of a property on 801 S. 9th Street.

The Griffin Daily News also reports both the Department and animal control responded to the address to investigate.

According to the police report, an animal control officer found a Pitbull locked in a cage without food, water, or shelter.

The furbaby was then taken to a local veterinarian clinic.

The poor soul was very underweight and dehydrated.

When officials were there, ZACHERY was not present.

The Griffin Daily News reports that officers contacted ZACHERY’s sister and she said she was not aware of a dog being in the backyard.

After she talked her brother, ZACHERY then made arrangements to come to his mother’s house.

That’s when he was picked up and taken to the station for questioning.

After officers obtained an arrest warrant, DAMARIO JORELL ZACHERY, of 2028 Ridge Street in Locust Grove, was transported to the Spalding County Jail.

The Griffin Daily News does not mention where the dog is.

I will contact animal control and inquire.

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