DAKOTA RAYMOND O’KEEFE caught on video repeatedly beating one of his dogs

- Washington, Grant County, USA -

21-year-old DAKOTA RAYMOND O’KEEFE (mugshot unavailable), was caught on video attacking one of his dogs and is now facing a charge of animal cruelty.

The video was filmed by a neighbor and it reportedly shows O’KEEFE repeatedly punching, kicking and beating a Labrador-Pitbull mix in the backyard of his home on the 1100 block of East Saint Helens Drive in Moses Lake.

The video was then sent to the police.

KREM 2 reports that Captain Mike Williams said when officers arrived at the property, O’KEEFE told them the dog he was beating, had killed another dog inside the home.

The body of Chihuahua was discovered in the residence.

Although it appeared that the poor soul had been killed by an animal, a necropsy has not been performed to give a conclusive outcome.

Moses Lake Police Department said the dog seen in the video being abused was removed from the property and taken to the Grant County Animal Outreach Center.

It is unclear at this stage whether or not that innocent soul will be euthanized.

MLWA 7 reports that on Sunday, October 18, O’KEEFE was booked int the Grant County Jail in Ephrata and released 5 hours later.

Police also said that they MIGHT pursue removing other animals from the property.

I have visited the Facebook page of Moses Lake Police Department to see if there was a mugshot of the offender or pictures of the dogs involved in this case, but I did not find any.

I found a post that reads: “The Moses Lake Police Department is currently investigating a case of alleged animal abuse. We understand how sensitive this topic is, as we are also animal lovers, and most of us, pet owners. We are also currently trying to recover the animal. However, the investigation is not over, so please understand we cannot comment on all aspects of the case at this time. A video has been posted on Facebook; this same video was also sent to one of our officers who was handling another call at the time. Please know, even if animal control is not on shift at the time, our department takes animal abuse seriously and the call gets handled as soon as possible, not dismissed.”

Then, the Department posted an update that read: “***UPDATE! Dog is in custody and safe! Pending charges against suspect are underway...***”

I left a question in the comments section asking if it’s the same case.

Hopefully I will get a response.

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