DAIMEIONNE KALEO GREER and JESSE PUA VILLAGOMEZ JR. charged for shooting a dog and posting video

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The Office of the Attorney General finally filed criminal charges against two lowlives in connection to a video showing one of them shooting a defenseless dog with a pellet rifle causing inevitable injuries to the furbaby.

The Office of the Attorney General confirmed the charges on the morning of Thursday, June 24, reports The Guam Daily Post.

The court will now issue a summons and schedule a hearing.

The charges finally come more than six months after the incident which happened in November 2020, at the Jack Peters warehouse along Siket Street in the village of Harmon.

The parties involved in this case are 24-year-old DAIMEIONNE KALEO GREER (pictured below), and 35-year-old JESSE PUA VILLAGOMEZ JR.

VILLAGOMEZ is the one who filmed GREER while he was shooting the homeless dog and the video was later uploaded on social media and widely shared.

When the nonprofit “Guam Animals in Need” became aware of the incident, they offered a $1,000 reward leading to a criminal conviction of those responsible.

Thankfully, the nonprofit was able to find the dog and Pacific Daily News reports that he was later examined by veterinarian Dr. Thomas Pool.

Dr. Pool found the dog limping on his left front leg and noticed a penetrating injury consistent with a pellet wound over the dog’s left shoulder which was moderately swollen and discharging a fluid.

Cyrus Luhr, GAIN board president told The Guam Daily Post: “It's never okay to injure an animal for fun. There's no excuse for the type of callous, shameless violence seen in the Harmon dog shooting video.”

Meanwhile, officers from the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct Command were able to locate GREER and VILLAGOMEZ JR. and arrested them.

GREER told police that he was angry at the dog for trashing the area and he only tried to scare the dog away and stop him from coming back.

The poor soul was most likely just looking for food!

GREER was charged with second-degree animal abuse as a misdemeanor.

VILLAGOMEZ JR. was charged with second-degree animal abuse and guilt established by complicity as a misdemeanor.

GREER and VILLAGOMEZ JR. were later released and the case was forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution.

While comments and slurs against the duo were flooding social media, Nick Delgado with The Guam Daily Post met with GREER at the family auto shop.

The Guam Daily Post published the video on their Facebook page and it shows that while the reporter is trying to have a calm and peaceful conversation with GREER, his mother intervened and belittled what her son did by saying that there are more important things happening on the island.

The reporter asked the mother: “Did you see the video? Weren’t you disturbed by it?"

At some point during the interview, GREER’s father came out from the back and said he was angry for the bad things people were saying about “his boy” on Facebook.

He was not happy that there was a reward and said: “They can come and check him.”

He then added that there are people dying all over the island because of coronavirus and that there were more important things.

The father went on to vehemently defend his son saying that he is not a psycho and that the shooting of the dog was not a serious issue.

The father told the reporter: “Stop posting news on him.”

The mother then apologized to dog lovers for what her son did and said she is a dog lover!

I will email GAIN to inquire about the furbaby’s wellbeing.

If I receive a response, I will post an update.

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KUAM NEWS – December 2, 2020

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