CYNTHIA MARIE GARCIA cited with animal cruelty after her dog was found injured in the streets

- Ohio, Butler County, USA -

On Thursday, February 27, a 2-year-old female Rottweiler was found seriously injured running in the streets of Hamilton.

The furbaby named Nini, was taken to the nonprofit Animal Friends Humane Society.

This is what the shelter wrote about Nini in their Facebook post the following day:

“She was dragging a chain that was attached to a metal prong collar that was embedded into the skin of her neck, and the area was oozing with blood and infection. AFHS medical staff have been caring for Nini since her arrival, and this morning she successfully underwent surgery to remove the embedded collar and clean up the infected area.”

According to the shelter, Nini’s guardian, CYNTHIA MARIE GARCIA, signed Nini over to them so “ownership” (I hate this word) has now been granted to the organization.

On March 2, the shelter posted a video of Nini and an update:

“As you can see from the video, Nini is feeling so much better now that her neck is free from that heavy metal collar and chain! Her wounds are healing nicely and she has so much energy! We quickly found out that she LOVES toys!”

That’s great news!!!

Although Nini is not available to be adopted just yet, Animal Friends advise those who are interested in her to submit an application available on their website.

As for the human who abused Nini, according to Kurt Merbs with the Butler County Dog Warden, CYNTHIA MARIE GARCIA was cited with animal cruelty.

Pictures via Animal Friends Humane Society


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