Cruel Russian driver drags dog behind car leaving a trail of blood on the road

- Kazakhstan -

An innocent dog was rescued after a kindhearted motorist spotted the furbaby being dragged behind a vehicle.

The incident happened on Thursday, January 7, in Atyrau, capital of Atyrau Region and was captured by the dashcam of the motorist who stepped in to save the dog.

The furbaby had a rope tied around his collar and while the cruel driver kept speeding up, he struggled to keep up until he collapsed leaving a trail of blood.

The motorist who witnessed the horrific act, honked the driver of the black Lada Priora with a Russian plate, and was eventually able to stop them.

A woman can be heard in the video saying something in a foreign language, which news outlets translated as: “Why are you doing this?

The driver did not respond. He just picked up the dog, threw him in the trunk, and drove off.

Luckily, police tracked down the evil driver thanks to the license plate.

Once the severely injured furbaby was rescued, he was taken to a veterinary clinic where he was given painkillers and his wounds treated.

The unnamed driver has been arrested and is under criminal investigation.

I don’t have the faintest idea of what animal laws are like in Kazakhstan, so I Googled it and learned that in Kazakhstan only 7.4 per cent of cruelty to animals cases are brought to trial.

In the last 10.5 years, Kazakhstan registered 417 cases under article 316 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan “Cruelty to animals”. Only 31 cases of them were brought to trial.

Many thanks to the witness who stepped in to save the voiceless victim!

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