Cruel Indonesian teen throws cat in the air “for the sake of social media content and entertainment”

- Indonesia -

A lot of people out there risk their lives to help, save, and rescue the lives of those in need.

Then, there is a category of people the world could do without.

A bunch of teenagers in Indonesia abused a defenseless cat “for the sake of social media content and entertainment”, said Murung Raya Police Department on their Instagram account.

The brief clip was initially uploaded by the Twitter account @Phopi_RA and was later shared via the Murung Raya Police Instagram page.

Police say that the viral video shows a teenager throwing a cat from the top of a hill.

According to police, the teenager who threw the cat in the air and another one who was present and laughing, were arrested.

Police say when the teenagers were questioned, they boy cried showing remorse, but a lot of people have commented on social media that they cried only because they were caught.

That is also my opinion.

If you hurt a defenseless animal you do not have a heart, or soul and cannot possibly know remorse or tears!

Unfortunately, the condition of the poor furbaby is unknown.

Police also said the teenagers promised not to do this again.

The criminals apologized and were gifted with just a warning.

Someone rightfully commented: “What’s the point of an apology? Try tossing him like he did with the cat so he knows how it feels.”

In a fair world, that would happen….

Police hope “that the boys learned their lesson, as endangering the lives of others, including animals, for the sake of social media clout is truly unacceptable.”

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