CRAIG ALLEN HUFF and JASON CALVIN HUFF arrested on warrants for animal cruelty

- Indiana, USA -

After a warrant was out in January for the arrest of 39-year-old CRAIG ALLEN HUFF and 43-year-old JASON CALVIN HUFF (both pictured below), for animal cruelty, the two brothers are now in custody.

The Herald Bulletin reports that the duo were arrested on Wednesday, June 30, and charged with Class A misdemeanor cruelty to an animal and Class C misdemeanor harboring non-immunized dogs.

Back in December the Madison County Sheriff’s Department received an anonymous report of animal neglect at a property in the 11000 block of North Texas Avenue.

Deputy John Vieke responded to the report and upon arrival, CRAIG ALLEN HUFF told him that he had inherited several dogs following his father’s death.

Deputy Vieke reported: “He stated he had been trying to give the dogs away, but no one was taking them.”

HUFF then told deputy Vieke that his sister was posting ads online for the dogs.

He added that after he had given five away, he still had thirteen in the home.

According to the affidavit, in the home there was no running water and the roof was leaking.

Deputy Vieke could hear dogs barking inside the property and asked HUFF to look at them.

HUFF said some of them were aggressive and might attack him.

Deputy Vieke then said to bring the dogs out one at the time.

According to the affidavit, HUFF brought out a female German Shepherd who was emaciated to the point that her backbone, ribs and pelvic bones were visible. The affidavit further states that the furbaby’s hair was thinning and she appeared lethargic.

When HUFF then brought out three Beagle mixed puppies, deputy Vieke noticed they were in the same condition as the German Shepherd and took pictures which helped authorities determine that all the poor souls had to be removed.

Deputy Vieke then went back to the home along with deputy Kim Stigall and found eighteen dogs inside.

In the meantime, the German Shepherd had given birth to puppies and deputy Vieke said the litter was thin.

All the other dogs were discovered with their ribs, backbone, and pelvic bones showing.

The affidavit says that the dogs were kept in a garage area of the home that appeared to be covered in urine.

The other brother, JASON CALVIN HUFF, then took deputy Vieke to a bathroom were the dogs were fed and deputy Vieke reported: “I observed two unopened large bags of dog food in the bathroom. Craig stated the dogs were picky and would not eat anything but table scraps.”

Outside of the home, deputy Vieke saw a puppy who had blood all over the face and when he followed the furbaby, he discovered a female lifeless dog in the backyard.

The puppy had been eating on the dead dog.

I asked Craig about it and he stated he didn’t know the dog had died and that it was the mother to some of the puppies,” deputy Vieke wrote in the affidavit.

All eighteen dogs were removed and placed in the care of the Animal Protection League.

None of them were vaccinated.

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