COVID-19 decimates tourism at Maesa Elephant Camp and frees 78 abused and exhausted elephants

- Thailand -

For 44 years the Maesa Elephant Camp in Ciang Mai has let visitors ride elephants resulting in inevitable stress for these stunning animals.

As a result of the COVID-19, tourism has been decimated and this led to the FREEDOM of 78 abused, exhausted, and mistreated elephants!!!

Yahoo! News reports that on Wednesday, March 25, those damn heavy wooden chairs finally came off the backs of these beautiful animals who were not born to transport lazy butts!

Just imagine heavy metal and wooden carriages strapped around helpless animals who could not say: “I have had enough!”

Yahoo! News reports that camp director ANCHALEE KALAMPICHIT said this was the first time in 44 years that the elephants had not worn the seats at the start of the day.

She said: "But because the coronavirus has spread there have been fewer tourists and eventually the government ordered us to close so we have removed the chairs to liberate the elephants.”

She added that riding elephants has always been a favorite activity for tourists since the beginning of this business.

Voice For Us note: Well director KALAMPICHIT, maybe now you can strap those heavy carriages around your back and carry tourists. Do it for 44 years, and then come back and tell me how YOU like it!!!

According to Yahoo! News, KALAMPICHIT also said that when they re-open, the business will take a different shape and not only elephants will roam freely in the grounds, but the company will operate as a place for visitors to observe the animals. (In the video I have noticed chains around the elephants’ legs.)

I truly hope they will keep their word! Slavery is for NO-ONE!!!


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