COURTNEY LYN STOKES caught by a deputy while dumping a pup

- Lake County, Florida, USA -

23-year-old COURTNEY LYN STOKES was on the verge of dumping a helpless small pup into an animal shelter through the fence when a deputy who was driving by caught her in the act!

At the time the shelter was closed. This happened on Wednesday, October 30.

When STOKES was confronted by the deputy, she told him she had found the pup, a Dachshund-mix, but she couldn’t keep him and did not know what else to do.

Fox 35 reports that officials believe the furbaby may have been stolen.

The shelter’s staff say the pooch is not microchipped and is clean and in good health.

Now they are hoping to find his family.

STOKES, of 16645 SE 252nd AVE in Umatilla, was charged with one count of abandoning an animal.

She walked on a $1,000 bond!


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