COREY MARKUS JONES cut friend’s dog’s throat and left him to die tied to a tree

- Ellicott City, Maryland, USA -

On Monday, December 30, Howard County police were called to the 8900 block of Town and Country Blvd. about blood in the area.

Responding officers found a deceased Pit bull tied to a tree whose throat had been slit.

Police located the apartment where the dog had been left to be dog-sat.

Officers interviewed some witnesses and identified 26-year-old COREY MARKUS JONES (pictured below), as the suspect of the horrific killing.

JONES was found hiding like a coward behind a shower curtain in the bathtub.

Howard County Police spokesperson Sherry Llewellyn said: “What our officers believe likely happened is that the animal’s throat was cut by the suspect, who then dragged the animal to the tree and tied it to the tree.” “There’s evidence there that the dog did struggle for some time trying to free itself before it eventually succumbed to the injuries.”

This cruel individual admitted to killing an innocent and defenseless being.

JONES has been charged with one felony count of intentionally mutilating, torturing and cruelly killing an animal, and two misdemeanor counts of causing unnecessary suffering and pain.

He is being held without bond at the Howard County Detention Center.



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