Construction crews rescues burro stuck in sinkhole

- California, USA -

On Thursday, November 21, a burro ended up stuck in a sinkhole in Reche Canyon north of Moreno Valley.

John Welsh, spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, said that a resident noticed the animal’s head and neck peeking from underground and alerted the authorities.

It's believed that the poor donkey may have been grazing and walked over a spot of soil compromised by heavy rainfall from the day before causing him to fall into the crevice.

Los Angeles Times reports that Mr. Welsh said animal control officers were getting ready to use shovels to dig a ramp for the burro to come out of the hole, when a six-man crew from Temecula-based Inland Erosion Control Inc. that was working nearby stepped in to help.

After the beautiful and scared donkey was free, Mr. Welsh said: “The burro was able to scurry out — it almost pranced out — and did not appear to have any injuries.” “So that was a very happy moment right there.”

The rescued baby was then able to join the rest of his friends.

Many thanks to all of you who rescued this precious life!


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