CLAUDIO GOMEZ arrested for hanging a puppy from a tree because he was bored

- Texas, USA -

21-year-old CLAUDIO GOMEZ (pictured below), hung a puppy to a tree because he was bored.

He filmed the despicable act, and then posted the video on Facebook.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office posted the media release regarding this appalling case on their Facebook page on February 14.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call on Wednesday, February 12, from a concerned citizen reporting he had seen a video of a man torturing a dog on the social media app, Facebook.

Investigators reviewed the video and observed a man had hung a small puppy by the neck from a tree.

Investigators were able to obtain an address where the video had been generated and deputies responded to the scene.

They met with the suspect who later provided a voluntary statement admitting to hanging a dog who was not his.

He stated he did that out of boredom.

Sadly, the furbaby was found lifeless.

On February 12, GOMEZ, of Monte Alto, was arrested and transported to the county jail.

He was charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals, a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison.

Unfortunately, we have learned that some judges do not apply the law to the full extent so this scum, like many others, might get away with just probation. It wouldn’t be the first case!

The accused was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Gilberto Saenz and issued a $10,000 Cash Surety Bond.

Many thanks to the person who reported this act of animal cruelty.


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