CLARENCE IVAN MCCOY accused of shooting his neighbor’s dog “without just cause”

- Michigan, USA -

54-year-old CLARENCE IVAN MCCOY (pictured below), is accused of shooting a neighbor’s dog after the furbaby entered his yard through a broken fence.

The senseless incident happened on October 3, at MCCOY’s home on 1141 Dunham Street SE near Fuller Avenue in Grand Rapids.

The victim was a 6-year-old female American Bully named Breezy.

MCCOY shot Breezy once in the side and died from the wound.

Sgt. John Wittkowski with Grand Rapids Police said: “We initially were called out on an animal complaint that a neighbor had shot another neighbor’s dog. It transpired into an animal cruelty incident in which a warrant was issued.”

Breezy’s guardian, who wishes not to be identified, said his furbaby was in the backyard when she went through a broken fence and entered MCCOY’s yard.

Sgt. Wittkowski added: “This particular incident was not a situation where the dog was aggressive or dangerous; possibly a nuisance. But it didn’t rise to the level of one neighbor unceremoniously dispatching another neighbor’s pet."

MCCOY was booked into Kent County Jail on October 21, and arraigned the same day.

The murderer is charged with animals – killing/torturing.

The felony information accuses MCCOY of killing Breezy “without just cause.’’

*Voice For Us note: In my opinion there are at least two aspects of this story that go against MCCOY. One, if it is true that he felt threatened by Breezy, he should have called Animal Control and let them handle the situation. Two, if it was a ‘nuisance’ case, by MCCOY’s logic, some people may consider a nuisance when neighbors’ children come into our yard to retrieve a ball, or a frisbee. What do we do? Do we shoot the children? Neighbors talk to neighbors and just like Sgt. John Wittkowski said, “Neighborhood disputes involving pets can be handled amicably!”*

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