CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON charged with animal cruelty among other offenses

- Kentucky, USA -

Pikeville Police arrested 41-year-old CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON (pictured below), on a second-degree cruelty to animals charge among other offenses.

Appalachian News-Express reports that on July 14, police received a call from managers of the Food City store on Cassidy Boulevard reporting that an individual, later identified as HAMILTON, “had put several items inside a shopping cart and crossed all points of sale.”

Responding officer Patrick Coleman located HAMILTON and reported that he was angry, he was cursing, appeared to be intoxicated, and was saying: “I am not going back to jail.”

Officer Brandon Martin reported that as HAMILTON was being cuffed, he was asked whether he had a vehicle in the parking lot or anyone waiting for him that would like to know he was going to jail.

HAMILTON said his girlfriend dropped him off, “probably saw” the officers and left.

About two hours later, police were called again by Food City.

A manager reported that in the parking lot there was the vehicle in which HAMILTON had arrived and inside there was a large dog.

Reportedly, the vehicle was not running and all the windows were up.

Responding officer Brandon Martin found the furbaby and used an unlock kit to open the car door.

He thankfully got the dog out who appeared to be very weak.

Meanwhile, HAMILTON’s girlfriend arrived.

She explained that the dog was hers and that HAMILTON had dropped her off at Walmart.

She had waited for him and then pushed the cart over to Food City to look for him.

HAMILTON was lodged in the Pike County Detention Center and charged with second-degree cruelty to animals, theft, resisting arrest, first-degree fleeing or evading police, public intoxication, second-degree disorderly conduct, failure to appear in court, and possession of marijuana.

According to online records HAMILTON is still in custody.

I reached out to Pikeville Police Chief Edmonds to inquire about the furbaby as to whether or not he/she was removed.

If I get a response, I will post an update.

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