CHRISTOPHER GERALD SKORETS sentenced for throwing seven cats out of a window and abandoning a dog

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

- Pennsylvania, USA -


In Lackawanna County, SKORETS received a ridiculous and offensive sentence of up to two years behind bars, reports WNEP.

In June, he had pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and aggravated assault.

~ Original story:

In September 2018, during one of the many arguments with his girlfriend Megan Dalrymple, at their home on Main Street in Vandling, SKORETS threw seven cats out of a window to the ground two stories down.

He then took a walk with Megan’s dog, Tara, and abandoned the furbaby.

Neighbors ended up taking most of the cats but sadly two went missing.

Forest City Police Chief Jim Johnson said: “We do not know where the dog is. We were told it's possible the dog was killed. We don't have proof, haven't found the dog or the dog's body.”

According to Scranton Times-Tribune, Tara was missing for several days but was found alive by an unidentified person.

The furbaby was taken to a vet and was found to have been chronically mistreated and malnourished.

Scranton Times-Tribune also reports that Chief Johnson had said Tara was in such bad shape that he was “99 percent sure” that Tara was going to be put down.

WNEP reports that court papers stated SKORETS also beat his girlfriend, pulled her hair, threatened to kill her, her children, and her pets.

Chief Johnson had said: “If you've hurt multiple animals and you have hurt another human being, you're a danger to yourself and to others.”

*I disagree, these twisted individuals always hurt others, somehow they remain lucid enough to spare themselves.*

SKORETS was evicted and wanted by police on animal cruelty charges and aggravated assault.

Forest City Police then reached out to the public to help find SKORETS believing he was in Carbondale area.

On September 24, 2018, the Forest City Borough Police Department posted an update on their Facebook page to advise that SKORETS had been “Captured by Virginia Beach PD.”

He got arrested in Virginia Beach on sexual assault and other serious charges.

In February 2020, SKORETS was extradited back to Pennsylvania after being sentenced in Virginia.

Just imagine, after everything he has done, he will only spend up to 12 months in jail!!!

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November 21, 2020:

UPDATE: I have received an email from Asst Chief John Foley who explained what happened to Tara: "Tara was found several days after she was abandoned and fostered. Tara passed away in 2019, from cancer I believe."

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