CHRISTOPHER BARR arrested on ten animal cruelty charges

- Nebraska, USA -

Following a search warrant executed by the Nebraska Humane Society, CHRISTOPHER BARR (pictured below) was arrested on 10 animal cruelty charges.

10 11 Now reports that BARR was arrested on Wednesday, November 4.

The search warrant was issued on April 7, and officers discovered dozens of fish and eleven parrots who had been abandoned.

As you can imagine, the poor animals were found in poor conditions.

The parrots were malnourished.

They had been left locked in enclosures that not only were unsuitable for their size but were also covered with feces.

One of the eleven parrot later died and another one had to be euthanized.

The Nebraska Humane Society told 10 11 Now that the rest of the animals have since received medical care.

Some of them have been adopted and others have been transferred.

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