Chicago Police are investigating after two dogs, father and son, have been found severely abused

- Illinois, USA -

Chicago Police Department is investigating after two dogs, father and son, have been found severely abused in the same area.

On Monday, February 24, officers found the father dog, named Chase, sitting outside a house in the 5800 block of North Elston in the city’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

At a first glance, authorities believed that Chase had been hit by a car.

After further investigation, the alarming reality revealed that Chase had been subjected to unimaginable abuse.

There were no broken bones.

On one side of his body there were gaping wounds and severe burns.

The next day police received a call about a wounded dog in the same area.

This second pup was later identified as Lucky, Chase’s son.

They were both microchipped.

Dr. Peter Sakas of the Niles Animal Hospital said: “Definitely something was done to these dogs. It was not accidental.

Chicago Police Lieutenant John Garrido and his group Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation held a fundraiser to help pay for the pups’ medical care.

Biagio’s Banquet Hall hosted it on Thursday night, February 27.

Lieutenant Garrido said: “Whatever we need to spend to help these animals, we are going to do it.”

He hopes that with the media attention this story is getting, their abuser is caught and prosecuted.

He also said: “Some human did this to them, if you want to call them a human.”

*I have a word for individuals who abuse animals and it’s not “human”.*

Chase and Lucky are doing better but they still have a very long road to recovery.

The pictures I posted are less graphic than others.

The ones I decided not to post were truly too hard to look at so you can only imagine what these two innocent babies have endured.

Anyone who knows these dogs and has information that can help the investigation, please come forward and speak up.

Do not protect these furbabies’ abuser. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Anyone who wishes to make a donation toward Chase and Lucky’s medical bills can visit Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation. Thank you!

Pictures via Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center



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