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CHASE DOUGLAS LEROY abused, tortured, and injured three defenseless dogs but will avoid prison time

- Wisconsin USA -

24-years-old CHASE DOUGLAS LEROY (pictured) was found guilty of abusing or injuring three dogs on three separate occasions but will avoid prison time.

On May 11, 2023, LEROY was charged with one felony count of animal mistreatment and two misdemeanor counts of intentionally mistreating animals.

The felony count refers to a case in which LEROY threw a Poodle puppy named Annie so hard that she was unable to walk. The veterinarian who examined Annie diagnosed her with a broken femoral head, which required surgery to remove the broken portion of the bone, and x-rays showed an additional, older fracture to Annie’s tibia. Furthermore, LEROY’s ex-girlfriend told police that LEROY put Annie’s face in the toilet, then flushed while holding the furbaby’s head inside as punishment.

Wausau Daily Herald reports that according to a criminal complaint, when LEROY threw Annie, the ex-girlfriend was in her bedroom with a child and LEROY was in the kitchen. The woman heard Annie scream and said that LEROY put Annie in the kennel after throwing her. The woman said she got Annie out of the kennel and put her in her bed to see if she would move but Annie could not. The woman told police LEROY admitted to throwing Annie and that she had landed on all four of her legs. The woman failed to take Annie to the vet right away and waited four days. Not only that, but according to the complaint, she and LEROY agreed to lie about how Annie got injured to protect LEROY. Annie was kept for four days in pain in addition to not being able to walk, move, eat, or drink.

In a separate incident, an Aussiedoodle named MooMoo was also abused, tortured, and injured. LEROY’s ex-girlfriend told authorities that after MooMoo peed on the bed sheets, she saw MooMoo’s nose dripping blood and sneezing blood from her nose with a bloodshot eye. The woman also said that because MooMoo would pee inside the home, LEROY kept her on a short leash in the basement and gave her only one cup of water once or twice a day. Furthermore, the woman said that at one point she saw MooMoo tied to a pole on a one-foot lead surrounded by a day’s worth of feces and urine on the floor.

Annie and MooMoo were removed from the evil home and charges were filed against LEROY. At that point, LEROY became upset with the woman and began calling her derogatory names, told her to kill herself, and hit her.

In February of this year, Wausau’s humane officers responded to a home on South Sixth Avenue after receiving a report of a dog left outside in extreme cold conditions. At the time of the reported incident, the weather was 4 degrees with a -11 wind chill. Officers said the dog had been left outside for more than two hours and was visibly shivering.

The woman told authorities that LEROY was upset that the courts had seized the dogs and got violent with her to the point that she feared for her life.

On October 20, 2023, LEROY was sentenced to a year in jail after, as part of a deal, he pled guilty to mistreatment of an animal, felony disorderly conduct as a repeat domestic abuse incident, misdemeanor battery, and having contact after a domestic abuse arrest. Several other charges were dismissed but read in.

Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran withheld the sentence and ordered LEROY to spend four years on probation and sentenced him to a year in jail as a condition of the probation. Moran also ordered this filth to have no unapproved contact with his victims, and not to own animals and not to live with any animals. Additionally, the filth was ordered to undergo any counseling deemed necessary.

I have sent out a few emails to request additional information about the Voiceless Victims, including their pictures. Should I receive a response, I will update the article accordingly.

Voice For Us Disclaimer: This story is sourced from official news outlets. Links included.

Details may be removed or additional information may be provided in future should such sources report an update.

LEROY’s mugshot shared from the Marathon County Jail.

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Nov 21, 2023

CHASE DOUGLAS LEROY is what trash looks like. He is the epitome of a cowardly bully. And the female involved is complicit. Poor Annie suffered for many days whilst she looked the other way. So many precious souls were tortured by this ass & these voiceless victims had absolutely no one to speak for them. And these scum get a slap on their wrists! HELL is waiting for him & I guess she will observe. Bless all the precious souls.

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