CHARLES EDWARD BALDWIN caught on video throwing a dog across a parking lot finally in custody

- Georgia, USA -

Adairsville Police Department were looking for a male suspect who was caught on video throwing a dog across a parking lot.

The cruel and senseless act happened on the early morning of Thursday, September 24, and it was captured by security camera outside Waggz N Whiskerz pet store.

The video is hard to watch.

It shows a monster getting out of a vehicle and opening the trunk where he kept the defenseless dog he was about to toss away.

Fox 5 reports that Amanda Collum was inside the store when the incident happened and “she saw the whole thing on the security camera in real-time.”

Regarding the furbaby, she said: “She flew about 20 feet before she hit the ground.”

The first Facebook post by the pet store read: “To the individual/s don't worry. I cleaned up the wounds and put some antibiotics on them. It's sleeping safely and warm with some food and water and not out shivering in the cold and rain wondering when it's family will return. I know you are a coward because you could have walked in the front door and handed it to me and I would have gladly kept it safe until I could find a home for it.”

How can anyone disagree with that?

The furbaby, now named Summer, got up after being tossed and was found huddled under Collum's car.

Amanda said: “We had to coax her out and when we finally got her out she was so sweet and she just hung on to us and kissed us like she was happy we found her.”

Summer, who is believed to be 1 year old, had a little road rash.

In a Facebook post revealing that this human trash was found, Waggz N Whiskerz wrote: “Summer is happy and well cared for at the moment. So many people have wanted to adopt her and that's so wonderful! I will post more info about that as soon as we can sort it all out. To all the people who helped out… Thank you… You know who you are and I will forever be grateful. We truly live in one of the best communities!!

The monster, identified as 47-year-old CHARLES EDWARD BALDWIN (pictured below), is finally in custody in Bartow County Jail.

Amanda rightfully said: “The front door was open at the time, we were here. He could have just walked in the door and handed her to me, I wouldn't have asked any questions if he didn't want her.”

Only animal abusers will disagree with that!!!

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