Cattle found mutilated, one cow euthanized

- Carroll County, Ohio, USA -

For the past two months the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a case involving cattle being mutilated in the Mace Road area.

Sheriff Dale Williams said that as a result of the cows being mutilated, one suffered such severe injuries that the only option a vet had was to euthanize the poor animal.

The owner of the cattle put up a camera in an attempt to prevent further incidents after the first two cows were beaten, but the suspect covered the camera just before attacking the third cow.

Sheriff Williams said that the vet determined the cows had been beaten and kicked by someone wearing steel-toed shoes.

The family is now offering a cash reward for any person that comes forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of subject(s) involved in this crime.

Anyone with information should contact Deputy Barker on (330) - 627 - 2141 opt 0 for dispatch.

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*



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