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UPDATE: August 24, 2021

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office kindly responded to my email and I learned that one of the two cats is a female named Bluefish who suffered severe 3rd degree burns and is still being treated at the veterinarian clinic.

The other furbaby is a kitten who had minor burns and was sent home from the vet.

~ Original story:

A West Monroe trio are facing animal cruelty charges after two defenseless cats were set on fire.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office say that on August 9, a woman returned home to find some of her personal belongings scattered across the front of her porch and yard.

According to the probable cause, the woman, whose identity was not revealed, then went inside the home, immediately smelled burned hair, but could not find her two cats.

She eventually found her two furbabies who had been burned. They were rushed to the local emergency veterinarian clinic where they were treated for severe burns.

Over the course of an investigation, 36-years-old CATTIE ANNETTE BONVILLIAN, 34-years-old DAVID DEWAYNE DOAN, and 41-years-old LINDI BRISTER WOODS (all pictured below), were identified as suspects.

In the afternoon of Thursday, August 19, BONVILLIAN willingly showed up at the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office to make a statement.

A deputy read her her Miranda Rights Waiver which she signed and then during the interview she admitted to entering the residence in question along with DOAN and WOODS.

BONVILLIAN admitted to gathering the woman’s clothes, shoes, and toiletries and throwing them on the porch and the front yard of the home.

BONVILLIAN stated that she had no knowledge of what happened to the cats and that she had not caused them any injuries.

BONVILLIAN was arrested on two felony counts of animal cruelty and one count of simple burglary.

Online records show BONVILLIAN bonded out of jail on Saturday, August 21.

On August 20, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators located WOODS and DOAN at their residences, and they were brought in for questioning.

WOODS and DOAN admitted to only gather the items with BONVILLIAN and then throwing them on the porch and front yard of the property.

WOODS stated she saw BONVILLIAN with a cigarette lighter and trying to light it up to set one of the cats tail on fire.

WOODS also stated that she then went outside and sat in her car and does not know whether the cats were harmed.

DOAN stated that he was not in the house when the cats were injured and does not know how they were injured because he was outside sitting in a car.

He stated that he heard BONVILLIAN had used a can of hair spray.

DOAN and WOODS were also arrested on two felony counts of animal cruelty and one simple count of burglary each.

According to online records, DOAN and WOODS are still in custody on a $40, 000 bond each.

I have emailed Sheriff Jay Russell to inquire about the wellbeing of the furbabies.

If I get a response, I will post an update.

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