CAROLYN BAUER arrested after many dogs and cats were found dead in her home

- Tennessee, USA -

On October 24, during a rescue operation at a home on Kelly Farris Road in Columbia, the Maury County Animal Services Special Tactical Animal Rescue and the Maury County Sheriff’s Department rescued twenty-three animals who were near death.

Sadly, the rescue came too late for the others who were found dead.

More than fifty animals were discovered deceased in cages and some of their bodies had been decomposing for months, even years.

The surviving animals are now in the care of the Nashville Humane Association.

Its executive director, Ms. Laura Chavarria said: “They are neglected. They have highly, highly infected ears to the point we could barely touch them. The majority of them are in foster care to learn how to live in the real world. They haven't had that opportunity yet. It's going to take a long process before they will be adoptable.”

Ms. Chavarria explained to News Channel 5 that she was told one room inside the home was dedicated to dead cats, and a another room was dedicated to dead dogs.

In connection with this case, CAROLYN BAUER (pictured below), was arrested on Friday, November 6.

News4 reports that authorities said BAUER claimed to be helping rescue organizations.

Jack Cooper of Maury County Animal Services told News4 that BAUER said she was working with several rescue organizations and helping to place animals.

She seemed oblivious to the fact there were dozens of deceased animals in the home,” said Cooper.

News Channel 5 reports that records indicated BAUER may have had issues with animal cruelty before.

Ms. Chavarria said: “She has history in Davidson County as well as Maury County.”

In 2008, BAUER was convicted of animal abuse charges.

In 2017, when she moved to Maury County, she was subjected to another investigation, but charges were not filed against her at the time.

BAUER has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and surrendered the surviving animals.

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