CALVIN A. KYLES arrested for holding cat by the tail under scalding hot water

- Nebraska, USA -

An arrest warrant was issued for 35-year-old CALVIN A. KYLES on a charge of felony animal cruelty in connection with an incident that happened on September 11.

He was arrested Thursday, October 3.

The accused held his girlfriend’s defenseless cat by the tail in the shower under scalding water.

The Nebraska Humane Society said that the cat, named BJ, has burns to the majority of his tiny body and has been hospitalized since the incident. Although BJ is receiving daily care, he will suffer long-term effects.

According to the Humane Society, the skin on BJ’s hind legs, hips, tail, anus, testicles, penis and inner thighs was burned.

In many areas, the skin was a darker red and hardened and he needed surgeries.

Court documents state that KYLES admitted to the abuse, and said it was a way to punish the poor furbaby for being in the bathroom.

A judge gave the defendant a $5,000 bond and ordered he not go near any animals.

KYLES will have to pay $500 if he wants to get out of prison while his case works its way through the courts.


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