CALIN JOAN RIFFLE charged with aggravated cruelty to animals for abandoning a potbellied pig

- Pennsylvania, USA -

In connection with a potbellied pig who was abandoned back in March 2021, a Virginia woman is now facing charges.

Pennsylvania State Police have arrested 52-years-old CALIN JOAN RIFFLE and charged her with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Police had received a tip about an abandoned pig who was then located at RIFFLE’s previous residence on Plank Road in Damascus Township, Wayne County.

The pig was taken to Billy’s New Hope Barn, Inc, a nonprofit in Honesdale, where he was treated for infection, malnutrition, and severely overgrown hooves and tusks.

PAhomepage reports that the nonprofit named him Patrick since he was rescued the day before St. Patrick’s Day.

The rescue said Patrick is doing well, however he has an issue with his balance occasionally which could have stemmed from an inner ear issue.

Billy’s New Hope Barn, Inc is “dedicated to housing, protecting and giving compassionate care to abused, neglected or abandoned farm animals” and relies on donations.

If you wish and can afford to donate, please visit their website. Thank you!

A petition has been created addressed to Wayne County District Attorney A.G. Howell demanding that RIFFLE receives the maximum punishment.

Police say the investigation into this case is ongoing.

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