BRIAN N. CLINE arrested after being caught on video striking and kicking his girlfriend’s dog

- New York, USA -

On Friday, March 13, Jamie Mroz (pictured below) found her dog, 15-year-old Ginger, unresponsive in her crate in her home on Baseline Road in Grand Island.

She waited until her vet opened to take her in.

When her upstairs tenant learned that Ginger had died, she remembered that the night before the Toy Poodle had been barking so she suggested Ms. Mroz review her home surveillance footage.

The graphic video showed a male subject striking and kicking the defenseless pooch.

On Saturday, March 14, Mroz contacted the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies viewed the footage and arrested 41-year-old BRIAN N. CLINE (pictured below) of Grand Island.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in their Facebook post that CLINE was charged with a felony count of aggravated cruelty of animals from the Agriculture and Market Law, and a felony count of criminal mischief.

The defendant was arraigned Sunday, March 15, in Grand Island Town Court and released on his own recognizance.

He is scheduled to be back in court Wednesday, March 18.

An emotional and tearful Mroz told ABC that she could not believe that her ex-boyfriend was capable of doing something like that.

She claimed he was drunk at the time.

She said: “I dated a monster for a year and a half.”

Until I heard the rest of her interview I just cried and my heart broke for her, especially after she said that she did not have any children so Ginger was like a baby to her.

At some point though, I heard something really shocking in the video.

According to Mroz, this isn’t the first time this happened.

Her other dog, Moka, passed away in January 2020.

Her tenant heard a ruckus from upstairs and it was CLINE beating Moka with a stick.

Moka was beaten so violently that the strike left a hole in the wall.

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