BRIAN BENJAMIN arrested for killing a 5-month old Siberian Husky puppy

- Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.A. -

On Tuesday, April 21, Niagara Falls Police arrested 67-year-old BRIAN LEWIS BENJAMIN (pictured below), for his role in the death of a 5-month-old Siberian Husky puppy named Sky.

Niagara Gazette reports that BENJAMIN, of 3906 Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, was picked up early Tuesday evening as he walked down Buffalo Avenue.

Falls Police Animal Control Officer Dave Bower investigated this case.

Mr. Bower said that on March 20, Sky was on a leash in a fenced-in backyard near 56th Street and Granby Avenue in the LaSalle neighborhood.

At some point, Sky started yelping, so her mom’s boyfriend went outside to check on her.

In the backyard he saw a male suspect standing over Sky who was motionless and unconscious.

The male suspect was BRIAN BENJAMIN. He then ran out of the yard.

Although Sky was given C.P.R., she remained unresponsive, so her mom Melissa Cummings and her boyfriend rushed her to a veterinarian where she was pronounced dead.

Ms. Cummings said: “She was a loving dog.” “She didn’t bother anyone. I just couldn't believe someone would enter a fenced backyard and do that. She didn’ t deserve that at all.”

Officer Bower said the cause of Sky's death wasn’t immediately apparent.

Even when the vet examined her, he couldn’t tell what happened.

Ms. Cummings then decided to have a necropsy done which was performed at the Cornell Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

The findings revealed that Sky had died “as a result of severe blunt force trauma.”

Investigators believe that BENJAMIN may have been living in a garage near the back of Cummings' home and had been confronted by the furbaby.

BRIAN BENJAMIN faces an aggravated cruelty to animals charge.

He is due back in court May 19.

Melissa Cummings said: “He was arrested, but he was also released (pursuant to New York's criminal justice reform act).”

She then added: “He probably won't be punished much at all.”



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