Brave family cat scares off unwanted visitors

- California, USA -

On Wednesday night, January 8, Highland Park resident Maya Guerrin was watching a movie with her husband when something prompted her to go outside and she couldn’t believe what was going on in her own backyard.

Her cat named Max was surrounded by three coyotes and just when she feared for Max’s life, the brave furbaby faced them and let them know they were on his turf!

Max scared away the unwanted and unexpected visitors.

Mrs. Guerrin after that checked her security camera footage and saw the whole incident.

She said that from now on Max will only be an indoor cat.

Ms. Guerrin, you were very lucky/blessed that your furbaby did not end up being the coyotes’ dinner but I personally don’t believe that it’s safe for our furbabies to be out there even for a few seconds unsupervised.

Well done Max!


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