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BRANDON LEE HUNT arrested after Healdton Police found thirty-nine dead chickens on his property

- Oklahoma, USA -

On Tuesday, August 22, 2022, the Healdton Police Department arrested 26-years-old BRANDON LEE HUNT (pictured) after several deceased chicken carcasses and other animals were discovered at a property on 922 Industrial Road in Healdton, Carter County.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by Voice For Us, Healdton Police Officer Chance Robertson responded to the aforementioned property on Tuesday and knocked on the door but there was no answer. In the front yard of the residence, the officer saw one dead chicken and one dog running loose. On the south side of the home, the officer saw three cages; in one of them were three dead chickens, in another were two dead chickens, and in the last one there was one dead chicken. Officer Robertson also found two chained dogs and one of them, a brown dog, was so skinny that his/her ribs were showing.

As the officer walked to the back of the residence, he discovered a dead chicken by the camper, and more dead chickens inside cages in the backyards. According to the affidavit, “some of the chickens looked like they had just died”, while the others had been dead for a while.

Additionally, Officer Robertson found a black fifty-five gallon drum barrel with several dead chickens inside. The officer estimated a total of thirty-nine deceased chickens throughout the property.

According to a court document signed by Carter County District Attorney Melissa G. Handke, "BRANDON LEE HUNT ACTING TOGETHER AND IN CONCERT WITH REVA BLALOCK" did then and there unlawfully, willfully, knowingly, and wrongfully commit forty felony counts of cruelty to animals. The counts are in relation to the chickens who belonged to HUNT and who were willfully and cruelly neglected by being deprived of adequate care which resulted in their deaths, and to the brown dog, who belonged to HUNT, who was willfully and cruelly neglected by being deprived of proper care.

Healdton Police Chief Dustin Miller told KXII that they also found cats and a decomposed rabbit on the property. He added that Healdton animal control rescued the animals and took them to a local vet clinic to be treated. Sadly, one of the kittens died.

HUNT was placed under arrest and taken to Carter County Jail.

On a separate note, KXII reports that HUNT has been arrested for animal cruelty in 2021, after several dogs and pigeons were found on his property starving with no food or water. Two dogs were sadly found deceased. The following year, HUNT pleaded guilty to the charges of animal cruelty and was sentenced to only one year in jail.

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HUNT’s mugshot shared from Carter County Jail.

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Aug 29, 2023

My daughter has chickens & ducks & absolutely loves them. They do not require tons of care, but just like all other sentient beings, food, water, shade are necessary. Bless these precious souls & damn the humans who neglect & abuse them.

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