Bloomington Police seek help finding person of interest in animal cruelty case

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

- Minnesota, USA -

~ Update: November 25, 2021

I am overjoyed to report that the furbaby is recovering!!!

Bloomington Police at first did not release details about the extent of her injuries but we now know a little bit of what happened to the VOICELESS VICTIM.

First of all, the furbaby is a girl and she is believed to be a Rottweiler-shepherd mix about a year old. She was found with “obvious injuries” to her face and body.

A police investigation revealed that two people left the dog near a road in the area of 106th Street and Morgan Avenue, they shot a BB gun at the defenseless dog, and then proceeded to back over her with their vehicle as they were leaving the area.

The furbaby’s medical care included eye removal surgery and procedures to remove the BB pellets from her right leg and other body areas. Three more pellets are still inside.

Bloomington Detective George Harms told CBS Minnesota: “This isn’t just something minor. It’s pretty serious. Surprisingly the dog was able to survive.”

A Nine Mile Creek Park Camera near 106th Street and Morgan Avenue shows part of what happened to the pup. In the video a driver pulls out of his parking spot while the dog is underneath the car. Evidence at the scene helped detectives find the vehicle which it turns out was stolen out of St. Paul, reports CBS Minnesota.

Investigators released surveillance images of the persons of interest in the case and the distressing footage clearly shows the vehicle backing over the dog who then manages to get up and chase the car.

Detective Bill King explained: “There’s evidence something went on inside the vehicle. We found more BBs. There was blood everywhere inside the vehicle.”

Despite the cruelty she senselessly suffered, the dog is very sweet and trusting. She is in good spirits. A vet who helped care for her is fostering her and guess what? She is considering adopting the furbaby!

Bloomington Police are still asking for the public’s help in finding the suspects in this case.

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~ Original story:

Bloomington Police said an injured dog was recently found in the city and is currently receiving care at a veterinary clinic.

Investigators released surveillance images of a person of interest in the case.

The individual, who appears to be at a gas station and driving a black SUV, is wearing gray sneakers, gray sweatpants and a black jacket.

The person has bright orange/red hair.

Police are not releasing any other details about the extent of the furbaby’s injuries.

Anyone with information about this case, please, come forward and speak up.

Please call Detective Harms at (952) - 563 - 4689. Thank you!

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