Beheaded puppy and emaciated dogs spark an investigation by Evansville Police

- Indiana, USA -

A disturbing case of animal cruelty is being investigated by Evansville Police.

On March 3, police and animal control were called to a home on 1425 Monroe Avenue where they found two dogs and a puppy.

The puppy appeared to be in good condition, the adult dogs however, were emaciated.

14 News reports that the furbabies’ guardian told officers that the adult dogs were emaciated because they had gotten into some bleach and had been throwing up.

Officers reported that the hip and rib bones of the dogs were visible.

The guardian was then told to take them to a vet and the dogs were left there!

On March 15, animal control went back to the home to discover the puppy beheaded.

Only a few days earlier the furbaby was found to be in a good shape.

Evansville Police Captain Andy Chandler told 44 News that the dogs’ guardian claims they came home and found the puppy that way and put the blame on one of the adult dogs.

As reported by 44 News, the body of the puppy was taken to a veterinarian to determine the cause of the injuries and police say there were no bite marks on the puppy.

Capt. Chandler told 44 News: “The evidence did not appear to be that the death of the puppy came from one of the other animals. So, based on that, the investigation got turned over to us.”

Investigators do not know where the head of the puppy is.

Captain Chandler also said: “Animal abuse cases, just like any other crime, you have to make sure you have the probable cause and the evidence to be able to make a charge and secure an arrest. As of right now, we have physical evidence as to what happened, but we don't have the evidence of who did it and/or any type of a motive.”

As for the emaciated dogs, Captain Chandlers explained that veterinarians did not believe that they were emaciated because they had been throwing up after getting into some bleach.

Veterinarians said this is a sheer case of malnutrition because they were not being fed!

Not much additional information has been released at this point and no arrest has been made.

14 News reports that the two adult dogs are in the care of animal control but reporters were not allowed to see them and they were not told how they are doing.

The investigation is ongoing.

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