BEARY SMITH arrested after his dog was found lifeless in the bed of his pickup truck

Updated: Jun 17

- Nevada, USA -

UPDATE: June 17, 2021

I have heard back from the sheriff’s office and I learned that the furbaby who was found lifeless in SMITH’s pickup truck was named Misty and she was a female Boerboel South African Mastiff.

~ Original story:

On Friday, June 4, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office arrested BEARY SMITH (pictured below), and charged him with one count of torture/injured/abandon/starve an animal.

Pahrump Valley Times reports that on Friday afternoon, the sheriff’s office received a report of a dead animal at the intersection of Basin Avenue and Dahlia Street.

Responding deputy Cody Murphy met with SMITH who told him that “He and his family were traveling to Pahrump from Reno for a vet appointment that was set to take place on June 5.”

SMITH stated that “The appointment was for the dog having tumors.”

According to the report, SMITH and the family stopped at the Area 51 Alien Center along U.S. 95 and at that point his dog appeared to be in good condition.

SMITH told deputy Murphy that he then put the dog in the cab of the truck, but as he was loading his family into the truck, the dog jumped out.

SMITH further stated that “He attempted again to put the dog back in the cab of the truck, but the dog refused to get back in the cab of the truck and began fighting against his efforts.”

The dog was then left in the bed of the truck for the remainder of the drive to Pahrump, and when the family arrived at Walmart in Pahrump, they discovered the furbaby had died, according to SMITH’s statement.

Nye County Animal Control Supervisor Susan Ryhal later responded to assist in the investigation.

As reported by Pahrump Valley Times, Ms. Ryhal “used new digital thermometer to take the internal temperature of the deceased dog and stated that the temperature started at 104 degrees and then rose to 109 degrees, before displaying the lettersHI.’”

SMITH was driving a 2021 white Ford pickup which did not have shade covering over the bed where the dog was confined, reported deputy Murphy.

Ms. Ryhal determined this was a case of animal cruelty and deputy Murphy wrote in his report that SMITH “Willfully placed the dog in the bed of his pickup truck in 109-degree weather, with a currently issued excessive heat warning, issued by the National Weather Service in effect until 9 p.m. on June 5th, and traveled with the dog in the cruel heat, 44 miles to Pahrump.”

SMITH was taken into custody and transported to the Nye County Detention Center.

He was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

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