Bear shot by hunter fights back before dying

- Haywood County, North Carolina, USA -

An innocent bear died but not before fighting back with his shooter.

His shooter is a hunter named MARTIN MCGAHA from Tennessee.

WLOS reports that on Saturday, November 2, MCGAHA was hunting with his friend Cat Miller, a 12-year-old boy and their hunting dogs in the Mount Sterling area.

At some point the dogs treed a black bear and the juvenile took the first shot at the helpless animal.

Reportedly, MCGAHA took five more shots at the bear who managed to climb down and understandably lunged at his shooter.

As WLOS reports, the bear, the dogs and hunter senior, fell down nearly 100 feet off a cliff.

The bear walked away and Cat Miller made her way down.

Captain Andrew Helton with the with the NC Wildlife Resource Commission said that MCGAHA had injuries on his legs and was taken to Mission Hospital.

He is alive and in a stable condition.

Sadly, the bear was found lifeless the next day by a creek.

Unfortunately, no charges are pending as it is bear season.

Bear hunting season in the North Carolina mountains runs October 14 - November 23 and December 16 - January 1.

Imagine if there was ‘Animal Abusers Season’ during which animal abusers and hunters could be put to sleep.....


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