Beagle crawls under his dad’s truck and remains stuck under it for many miles before being rescued

- New York, USA -

On Thursday, April 2, the Rochester Fire Department and the Humane Society made a heroic rescue at the Rochester Public Market.

A 2-year-old Beagle named Zeke remained stuck under his dad’s truck after crawling under it.

The Rochester Fire Department wrote in their Facebook post that Zeke had been trapped for an extended period of time and traveled at least 40 miles.

Zeke traveled from Canandaigua because his dad is a vendor at the Rochester Public Market.

Firefighters attempted for several minutes to free the poor furbaby until they eventually reached out to Lollipop Farm.

The shelter sent out staff for assistance.

A responding veterinarian made the decision to sedate Zeke so that he could be safely removed and treated.

He sustained minor injuries and is expected to recover fully.



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