BAILEY KEEL arrested after being seen on video torturing a defenseless kitten

- Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA -

Earlier this week the Parkersburg Police Department was flooded with calls, emails, and tips after a distressing video was shared online showing a subject torturing a defenseless cat.

By mid-afternoon Friday, January 10, police arrested 23-year-old BAILEY KEEL (pictured below), on felony animal cruelty charges and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

KEEL was caught on a surveillance camera in the 1,000 block of Laird Avenue slamming to the ground a black and white helpless kitten.

wtap reports that Parkersburg Police Chief Joseph Martin said: “There’s been more public participation with [this] case than we’ve seen in a long time. A lot of calls, a lot of emails, a lot of tips.”

Reportedly, the tortured cat in the video, was not KEEL’s first victim. In fact, neighbors say that the accused was caught attacking a different cat a while ago, when he crawled under a car to grab a family cat and the owners caught that on camera.

Ms. Ashley Edwards, who helped look for the abused cat in this recent case, said: “He was also caught on their camera, crawling under their car to get their cat and was punching it and punching it and punching it under the car, and they had caught him on camera, so they went out and chased him off the property.”

Ms. Edwards believes KEEL is a psychopath and she also said: “I don’t want them living next to me. I don’t want them walking down my street. So if you’re going to hurt animals, don’t come down Laird Avenue.”

BAILEY KEEL is in the North Central Regional jail following his arraignment in Wood County Magistrate Court.

His bond is set at $105,000.


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