Aspin mom delivers litter of two puppies and one of them is born with only one eye

- Thailand -

On Sunday, February 2, Government worker 45-year-old Somjai Phummaman and his wife 49-year-old Amphan, witnessed their dog Khainui giving birth to a litter of two in their Chachoengsao home.

One of the puppies was born with only one eye in the middle of his head and big lips.

He was named Kevin, after the Minion cartoon character.

Mr. Phummaman said that neighbors have visited to see the newborn puppies and welcomed Kevin as a sign of good luck.

The other puppy was named Mah.

Kevin and Mah’s mom, Khainui, is an Aspin, a breed indigenous to the Philippines.

The breed of their dad is unknown.

Despite the facial deformity, Kevin is healthy, doing well and he is being bottle-fed every day.

However, as The Sun reports, “while most dogs of Kevin's breed will live to around 14-years-old, the little cyclops's life-span could be dramatically reduced by his disabilities.

While dogs can easily adapt to life with one eye, it's Kevin's other deformities - for instance, his unique-shaped snout - that could cause problems down the line.”


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