ASHLEY SORENSON sentenced to jail for killing 21 kangaroos in September 2019

WARNING! The story contains graphic images!

- New South Wales, Australia -

I have an update on the heartbreaking story about the 21 innocent kangaroos who were deliberately run over in September 2019, in Tura Beach.

On Friday, July 31, at Queanbeyan Local Court, 33-year-old ASHLEY SORENSON (pictured below), received a maximum sentence of 20 months' prison with a minimum term of 12 months for animal cruelty, including torture.

Handing down his sentence, Magistrate Roger Clisdell said SORENSON acted “cold-bloodedly”, adding: “It seemed once the blood lust started it was difficult to stop.”

~ Original story:

On Sunday, September 29, residents of a New South Wales suburb woke up to a distressing scenario.

The carcasses of many kangaroos were discovered scattered after being intentionally run over the night before by 20-year-old NATHAN SANGER (pictured below).

Court documents stated that CCTV footage showed SORENSON sitting in the passenger seat of the ute that SANGER was driving.

Footage also showed a third man sitting at the back.

Tire tracks on the curbs were visible showing just how fast SANGER was driving.

Reportedly, SORENSON, father of four, encouraged SANGER to run over the poor mammals, not only that, but at times he even grabbed the steering wheel to veer into the poor souls.

ABC NET AU reports that SORENSON later sent a text message to SANGER asking: “What's the grand total?” as if the death of innocent animals was all a joke to him.

The vehicle used in the killing of innocent animals was later found by police with a heavily dented front, covered in blood and kangaroo fur.

Many kangaroos were euthanized due to the severe injuries.

The last picture, via WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service), shows Nullah, a surviving joey from the deliberate killing.

When you look at the picture of mama kangaroo lifelessly laying on the ground with her baby next to her, please remember that one of their killers is a father of four!

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