Another senseless, cruel, and horrific elephant’s death in India at the hands of disgraceful humans

- Tamil Nadu, India -

The evil present in some humans never ceases to disgust me.

An innocent elephant was the victim of the latest horrific case of animal cruelty in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

After an elephant strayed into a resort area near Mavanallah of Nilgiris District, three individuals lit up a tire and some clothes and threw them at the elephant in an attempt to get him/her off the resort.

I have watched the video on Twitter on the account of user @floodandfury.

Someone filmed the horrifying act and did not step in to help the elephant.

The video shows an individual saying something to the elephant before throwing the burning items.

The poor elephant then walks away and trumpets in pain.

This evil act caused injuries to the elephant’s left ear and ultimately to his/her death.

The elephant’s body was later found near a dam.

The forest department veterinarians attempts to revive him/her were in vain.

The Outlook reports that a necropsy was performed.

A provisional diagnosis suggested that the septic fistula filled with pus.

The severe loss of blood led to acute anemia, and hypovolemia resulting in shock, and the death of the elephant.

The elephant’s age, and the date of the incident have been reported inconsistently by the sources I have used for this story.

In connection with this crime, two individuals have been arrested and one is at large.

RAYMOND DEAN, the resort owner, and PRASHANT, a member of staff, are in custody.

RICKY RAYAN is absconding.

The Free Press Journal reports that the day after the video showing the heinous act surfaced, a Supreme Court lawyer wrote to the Chief Justice of India seeking his intervention to end cruelty towards animals.

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