ANNA KIST arrested for abandoning helpless dog in busy traffic

- Lake County, Florida, USA -

18-year-old ANNA KIST was seen on October 30, pulling her vehicle off South Bay Street in Eustis near West Badger, getting a helpless dog out of the car and abandoning him among busy traffic.

The person who caught her committing this callous act was Captain Todd Luce with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Luce immediately retrieved the furbaby from the road.

Cars were forced to swerve to avoid hitting him.

Once the pup was safe in the car, the woman was questioned and advised of her rights.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post says that the woman abandoned the dog because her sister could no longer take care of him and she seemed amused when Captain Luce told her that the poor dog was almost struck by vehicles.

Although the handsome pooch was in good spirits, he was severely malnourished.

He is in the care of Lake County Animal Services.

ANNA KIST was arrested and charged with animal abandonment, but she has been released on a $1,000 bond.

If you can no longer care for your animals, please reach out to your county animal services or the Sheriff’s Office. There are options, abandonment is not one of them!

Pictures via Lake County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.


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