Animal sacrifice ‘festival’ still on despite ban

- Nepal -

Every five years the ‘Gadhimai festival’ takes place in the town of Bariyarpur and it has been taking place for the last 260 years.

During this ‘event’, Hindu worshippers kill thousands of innocent animals including buffaloes, goats, chickens, rats, and pigeons, in the belief that animal sacrifices will please the goddess Gadhimai and bring them good fortune.

Thousands of helpless, defenseless, and voiceless breathing beings crushed together without food and water waiting to be sacrificed!

In 2015, the Humane Society International (HSI) and Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) announced "victory", saying animal sacrifices had been banned.

CNN reports that “Manoj Gautam, an animal rights activist with Nepal's Jane Goodall Institute, said the religious aspect seems to have been lost in recent years.”

He said: "There is no compassion. There is no spirituality. It is just sport. It is wasteful."

Sadly, despite the ban, on Tuesday, December 3, the two-day mass-slaughter of animals began.

The Guardian reports that at sunrise on Tuesday, the festival began with the Pancha Bali, the sacrifices of a rat, a goat, a rooster, a pig and a pigeon.

By 9:a.m., “about 200 butchers began to take their khukuris – a type of Nepalese blade – to the necks of the buffaloes. The air was filled with the cries of the animals. By the end of the day, between 3,000 to 6,500 buffalo had been beheaded.”

The Sun reports that “Campaigners for animal rights charity Humane Society International described seeing baby buffaloes bellowing as they watched their mothers being decapitated.”

When we are a few hours away from the year 2020 I have to wonder, how can this huge display of inhumanity still be allowed to continue?

How is sacrificing and murdering innocent animals believed to end evil and bring prosperity when this whole custom is evil?

Those who demand or expect the event to be considered a touchstone traditional Hindu ceremony must expect and accept that for others it’s just sheer animal cruelty!!!

Pictures via CNN, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Sun.


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